moara de hârtie


Moara de hârtie (The Paper Mill) workshop and museum was founded in 2011 and is a place dedicated to books, book-related crafts and people that wish to know them.

We are like a museum, because we have equipment from old printing houses from Romania, and we are a workshop, because we practise the book-related crafts here, with our team or with people who want to try them.  These crafts are: letterpress printing, bookbinding and handmade paper.

We started with book-related crafts and, thanks to Norway Grants, we moved on to Romanian traditional crafts. The Comana Crafts Village is composed of seven small workshops (built using traditional techniques, based on wood and clay), dedicated to seven Romanian traditional crafts: weaving, reeds processing, pottery, woodworking, blascksmith, bakery and grain milling.

The project is managed by „Asociaţia Moara de hârtie”, an NGO incorporated in January 2012.

For workshops or events, you can contact us at +4-0723-266262 (+4-0723-COMANA) or


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